Heavy Industrial Machine Repair

When broken or run-down equipment creates a problem for your machinery or facility, Denver Machine Shop’s industrial machine repair services are ready to get you up and running again. Serving clients in the construction, HVAC, refining, power generation, and other industrial sectors, we offer on-site inspection and repair services. We also develop and manufacture custom special machinery, tools, dies, and other parts needed for maintenance and repair. We offer welding, boring, machining, and reconstruction operations either in the field or in our own facility.

Denver Machine is a veteran owned company belonging to a vast array of industry trade groups and standards like NTMA, the Colorado Mining Association, and the Rocky Mountain Society of Mining/Metallurgical and Exploration Engineers, as well as retaining AWS certified welders. We can replace and recreate original and obsolete equipment from drawings or sketches as well as SolidWorks and MasterCAM files. Contact Denver Machine for any repair and maintenance needs.

Heavy Industrial Machine Repair Projects

Heavy Industrial Machine Repair Capabilities

Aggregate Industries
Alternative Energy
Bottling Equipment for Breweries
Building Maintenance
Construction Equipment
Food Processing
Food Processing Equipment
General Processing
Government and Public Facilities
Government Contracting
HVAC Equipment
Hydro-Electric Equipment
Mineral Processing
Mining Equipment
Petroleum/Refining Equipment
Power Generation
Power Generation Equipment
Printing Equipment
Solar Panels
Steel Making
AWS Certified Welders
Coal Mining Industries
Colorado Mining Association
Industry Standards NTMA
Rocky Mountain
Society of Mining/Metallurgical and Exploration Engineers
Veteran Owned
Vertical Lathe Diameter Up to 120 in
Lifting Capacity 50,000 lbs
Width Up to 35 ft
Length Up to 22 ft
Horizontal Diameter Up to 66 in
Milling Capability (4 axis) Up to 90 x 72 in
Press Capability Up to 600 tons
Tolerance +/- .0005″
Production Volume Low Volume
All Others
File Formats MasterCam